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    PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (PTPN III), is one of the fourteen state owned enterprises which operate in the plantation industry. Its business comprises cultivation of oil palm and rubber, and the production and sale of oil palm and rubber products. The company's main products are Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel, dry rubber and downstream rubber products.
    The enterprise was established through a take over of the Dutch plantation companies in 1958 by the Republic of Indonesia, through the process of nationalization of foreign plantation companies, to form Perseroan Perkebunan Negara (PPN)
    In 1968, PPN was restructured by the Government to form a number of Perusahaan Negara Perkebunan (PNP). Thereafter, in 1974, the legal status of PNP was changed to that of a limited company and given the name PT. Perkebunan (Persero). In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state owned companies/enterprises the Government of Indonesia restructured the state owned companies/enterprises in the plantation sector, through the process of merging companies on the basis of geographical locations. Concurrently, the organization structures of the companies were also streamlined. In 1994, through a process of merger of managements, the managements of three state owned plantations, namely PT. Perkebunan III (Persero), PT.Perkebunan IV (Persero) and PT.Perkebunan V (Persero), were unified under the management of PT.Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero).
    Thereafter, through Government Regulation No. 8 of 1996 dated 14 February 1996, the three companies, whose businesses were located in North Sumatera, were merged into one company and given the name PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero), located in Medan, North Sumatera. PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) was incorporated through By Laws of the company notarized by Harun Kamil, SH, carrying Number 36 of 11 March 1996, and legalized by the Minister of Justice of the Government of Indonesia through Decree No. C2 8331.HT.01.01.TH.96 dated 8 August 1996, and published in the Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 81 of 1996, and Annexure to the Gazette No. 8674 of 1996.
    Along 2004, PTPN III have been actualizing fundamental and comprehensive changes to achieve company’s vision. This changes cannot be separated from the Company’s willingness to develop.

The significant events and achievements in 2004 are :

The Launching Of PTPN III’s New Logo
    On March 23rd 2004, placed at Grand Melia Hotel Jakarta, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III launched its new logo. This logo symbolizes PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III ready to face the rapid changes and competitive challenges in business.

ISO Certification
    On March 23rd 2004, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) accredited and recommended by Accreditation Bureau PT. TUV International Indonesia affiliated with Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg, Germany in the implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001 version 2000 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

CEO BUMN Award 2004
    Drs. H. Akmaluddin Hasibuan, PTPN III’s CEO, achieved CEO BUMN Award 2004, as he won The Best CEO of State Owned Company in the category Good Corporate Governance (GCG). This award was presented by State Ministry of State Owned Enterprise in the Opening Ceremony of Indonesian State Owned Enterprise Expo 2004 at Jakarta Convention Center on July 28th 2007. This award was acquired by PTPN III after set aside 5 nominees from 162 State Owned Enterprise CEOs in Indonesia. PTPN III’s CEO has masterpiece in implementing business practice for the company’s development.

Assesment In Good Corporate Governance Implementation
    In the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), PT Perkebunan Nusantara III collaborated with independent consultant, Sofyan Djalil & Partners to asses the implemetation. This assessment was aimed to know how far Good Corporate Governance implemented in the company. Through this assessment, the consultant could give recommendations to compose a suitable and systematic action plan for the company.

The significant events and achievements in 2005 are :

BUMN Award 2005
    On Friday, August 26th 2005, State Owned Enterprise Minister, Mr. Sugiharto awarded PTPN III’s CEO, Drs. H. Akmaluddin Hasibuan as the Runner Up Best CEO of The Year. In this event PTPN III also won awards in two categories : The Best State-Owned Company in Agro Industry and Runner-Up The Best State-Owned Company.
    The juries of this Award were from the reputable institutions such as Leadership Inc., SAI Global, Dunamis, Mark Plus & Co., Learnit and Oracle Indonesia. The judgement comprised following criterias : Financial Performances, Good Corporate Governance, Functional Performances, Operational Performances and Stakeholders Benefits.

Launching “Beyond Book Value : Lesson Learned From PTPN III in Creating Value”
    The launching took place at Mulia Hotel Jakarta, on July 13th 2005. This book is written by Goei Siaw Hong (Company Financial Consultant and Managing Director of GSH Consulting), John R. Alwi (Vice President of AAJ Associate RSM International) and K Rajendran (Technical Advisor and Principal Consultant for Organization and People Consulting Group AAJ Associate RSM International).
    Based on the research, the authors discovered there was a movement on PTPN III’s Economic Value Added (EVA) into positif area since Business Transformation Program implemented in 2003 and still moving upward. The objectives of this program achieved ahead of time.

K-3 Award
    On February 7th 2005, The National Safety and Health at Work Commemoration was held in PTPN III’s Head Office, Medan. This commemoretion’s theme was “Implementation Safety and Health at Work through Safety and Health at Work Management System reinforcement to promote the Investment”. The implementation Safety and Health at Work Management System in the working environtments is the effective way to enhance Safety and Health at Work performance. This enhancement will support the Government’s program in inviting the investors.
    In this event, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III and PT. Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia was awarded for their concern on Safety and Health at Work.

The significant events and achievements in 2006 are :

BUMN and CEO Award 2006
    On August 25th 2006 BUMN and CEO Award 2006 held at Flores Ballroom, Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. This event aimed to pick the champions in the certain categories. The winner received award from State Owned Enterprise Ministry.
    The juries were from reputable institutions such as Stern Steward & Co. (the founder of Economic Value Added-EVA concept), Leadership Inc., Business Review, MarkPlus & Co., SAI Global, Oracle Indonesia, ASINDO and Indonesian Institute Corporate Directorship (IICD).
    On this event, PTPN III’s won three categories : Runner-Up Best Good Corporate Governance, third place the Best Human Resources Of The Year and third place The Best Agro-Industry State Owned Enterprise Of The Year.

Indonesian Quality Award Foundation 2006
    Took place at Jakarta, on November 22nd 2006 Indonesian Quality Award Foundation was held to confer upon State Owned Enterprises which were excellence in performance. The awards were presented by Ir. Sugiharto, State Minister of State Owned Enterprise, to State Owned Enterprises in Indonesia, one of the awards goes to PTPN III,which represented by Dr. Ir. H. Chairul Muluk.
    In this award, PTPN III won runner-up “Excellence In Performance Growth” category, with total score 467, which was accumulative from the score of the criterias of leadership (70), strategic planning (43), costumer and market focus (38), measurement, analysis and knowledge management (38), human resources focus (41), process management (45) and result (192). This score exceeded the from the targeted 2006 Balridge score in the amount of 350 point, which was stated in the Company’s Key Performance Indicator.
    PTPN III targeted Balridge score for the year 2007 in the amount of 500 point, and will be improved every year to support PTPN III’s Vision to be World Class Company.

Bipartite Cooperation Institute Award 2006
    On December 28th 2006 at Manpower and Transmigration Minister’s office, Jakarta was held Bipartite Cooperation Institute Award 2006. This award is conferred upon the companies in every province in Indonesia which can maintain the harmony of their industrial relationship. Manpower and Transmigration Minister, Ir. Erman Suparno granted Bipartite Cooperation Institute Award 2006 for North Sumatera Region to H. Irwan M Juned, SH, Mhum., Human Resources and General Affairs Director of PTPN III.

Launching and Review Of The Book “Spirit of Change”
    On Tuesday, December 12th 2006, at Ballroom A, Sangrila Hotel Jakarta, was held launching and review book entitled “The Spirit of Change, Dinamika Perubahan PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero)”.
    The book is written by Budi W. Soetjipto Ph.D and Firmanzah, ph.D., from Management Institute, Indonesia University. Keynote speakers in the review of this book besides the authors were Drs. Akmaluddin Hasibuan, CEO of PTPN III and Aries Muftie, SE, SH, MH, expert staff of State Owned Enterprise Minister.
    The present of this book not only as a symbol for PTPN III for the progression that achieved, but also objectively disclose the barriers that PTPN III met during the process of change.
    This book explains the factors (internal and external) that contributed to the change. Budi W. Soetjipto, Ph.D. explained that the changes in PTPN III not only the the changes of willingness to survive in the globalization era, but also reflection of the employees’ willingness to improve the image of Agro Industry State Owned Enterprise which was started by top level management (Board of Director).

The Implementation of Decission Support System Application and The Handover Job Competency Profile Book.
    Took place at the hall of PTPN III’s Head Office, Medan on December 15th 2006 PTPN III’s CEO, Drs. H. Akmaluddin Hasibuan handovered the Job Competency Profile book to the Management Level below the Board Of Director, and will be distributed to entire staff level at PTPN III.
    This book is the follow-up of the Company’s commitment in the implementation of Competency Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) program, it means that all of the human resource management activities must be oriented to the development and utilization of the employees’ competency.

Karet Nusantara Award 2007
    On May 23rd 2007 at Aston Hotel, Palembang was held Karet Nusantara Award 2007. This award conferred by State Owned Enterprise Minister upon the estates and units of State Owned Enterprise in the sector of Agro-Industry. This award was motivated by the consideration of the importance to give motivations to all of the elements of State Owned Enterprise in the sector of Rubber Agro-Industry by giving the awards for the performances and productivity of the estate and factory managers in 2006.
Below are PTPN III’s estates and units which won this award :

Kategori Kebun/Unit Peringkat Skor
The Best Improvement In Productivity Labuhan Haji Estate II 758
Sei Putih Estate III 730
The Best Estate With Immature Oil Palm Silau Dunia Estate I 626
Gunung Para Estate II 460
Labuhan Haji Estate III 440
The Best Estate With Mature Oil Palm Gunung Para Estate I 838
Sei Putih Estate II 825
Rambutan Estate III 788
The Best Crumb Rubber Factory Mambang Muda Estate I 963
Gunung Para Estate II 888
The Best Rubber Smoked Sheet Factory Bandar Betsy Estate I 900

    Based on the result above, this award was dominated by PTPN III’s estates and units,and it can be concluded that PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) still The Best State Owned Enterprise in Agro Industry.
Head Office : Jl. Sei Batanghari No. 2 Medan 20122 Indonesia - Telephone (+62-61) 8452244, 8453100 Fax. (+62-61) 8455177, 8454728